Abstract Submission

Main Topics
Cancer Genetics, Epigenetics
Tumor Micro-Environment
Anti-Cancer Agents
Genetic and Metabolic Aspects in Sportive Performance
Metabolic Syndrome
Molecular Aspects in Diabetes
Forensic Science
Nutritional and Epigenetic Aspects to Diseases
Prospective Methods in Molecular Medicine
Cancer Bioinformatics
Novel Aspects in Personalized Medicine>
Autoimmunity and Molecular Medicine

Abstract Submission Deadline : 8 December 2023

Submission Rules
Papers will be presented as ORAL PRESENTATIONS or POSTER PRESENTATIONS. The Scientific Committee has the right to accept or reject the paper and to change its scientific category if it accepts the paper.
Abstracts should be prepared in English.
Papers will be presented in English.

- You can submit a paper to the congress without number limitation, but as the presenting author you must send up to 2 papers.
- If the author submitting the paper does not register for the congress, the papers will not be evaluated.
- Papers that are currently in progress and results of which have not yet been received, and studies that do not include the following sections will not be evaluated.
- As the abstracts will be printed in the same way they are sent, spelling mistakes should be taken into consideration. Authors are responsible for all typographical errors.

Full Text Submission Rules
- The full text must not exceed 3000 words
- Abstract must be maximum 250 words
- In full text submission, the number of words does not include title page, abstract, tables, acknowledgements, contributions, references.
- Articles should be as concise as possible.
- Authors should include three or four key messages under the heading “Key Messages” to explain the essence of their work and summarize what the reader should focus on, and to clarify the work. This section should be placed at the end of the manuscript before references.
- During the full-text submission process, authors will be asked to share abstracts in addition to the English abstract. Authors should avoid one-to-one Turkish-English translations and pay attention to typographical errors.

Poster Presentation Guidlines
- Poster size: 50 cm (width) x 70 cm ( height).
- Posters should be prepared on a single page.
- Poster presentation language: English.
- Poster should be prepared with PDF and JPEG format.
- At the top of the poster please note paper’s title, authors and address and underline the presenting author.
- Posters will be hanged at the poster boards according to the list of the Organising Committee. Materials needed to hang posters will be available at the poster area.
- References should be added at the bottom of the poster under the heading "References".